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Falk Ebert  1. Februar 2010  1 Kommentar  4 Minuten zu lesen  Internet und Social Web

Wie geht es weiter im Kampf David gegen Goliath? Wie viele Jahrtausende sind uns die Amerikaner in der Mediennutzung voraus? Wie stehen die Teens in den USA zu Werbung und PR auf ihrem Lieblingsnetzwerk?

Da mich diese Fragen schon seit längerem plagen, habe ich mich entschlossen meine langjährige Online-Brieffreundin (nenn ich jetzt einfach mal so) aus Californien zu einem spontanen Interview aufzufordern.


Falk: Hi Vikki, I am very glad you take the time to answer a few questions for me and our readers! Can you please tell us a little bit about you!

Victoria: Well, I guess the best way to describe myself is that I’m a design student and language enthusiast. (That’s pretty much what my life consists of; all areas of design and language.)

Compared to your friends and family, would you say that you are using the internet very often or are you a typical user?

I use it very very often, though that isn’t unusual for someone my age. My friends and I are definitely internet junkies… not that that’s a bad thing.

Haha, right! So, as far as I can tell, you are on facebook and you’re used to twitter. We met on the language-learning website livemocha and you uploaded your designs on deviantArt. Any other websites or internet-based services you use regularly?

Definitely. I visit and just about every day. They are great design blogs that always have something interesting to see, read about and be inspired by.

StudiVZ Bilder

You are one of the few Americans that also have an account on the German community StudiVZ. First: What are the major differences in your eyes?

Oh goodness, that’s somewhat of a loaded question. There are definitely differences between StudiVZ and Facebook. Studi usually feels somewhat restrictive to me. I like to have a lot more control than it gives.

Take the albums as a small example; I can’t re-order them and changing picture titles takes more – for the lack of a better word – work than it does on Facebook.

I also feel like there should be more things I should be able to do on Studi. I don’t know if it’s because my German needs some work and may be slowing me down a bit, but I feel like I’m missing the full potential the site has. Then again, maybe Facebook just spoils me.

Which one do you like better? Why?

Facebook. It’s easier to network with Facebook. Easier to see what your friends are up to, the interesting things they have to say and post. The news-feed is great. I love seeing random videos and links being posted by my friends. It allows me to discover new things and get to know everyone a little better.

Okay. So what do you think are the differences in the way Germans and Americans use Social Networks?

That’s hard to say. I think we use them pretty much in the same way. To keep connected. To have fun. I have quite a few German friends on Facebook but very few use it very often. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe they prefer StudiVZ.


Here in germany, facebook is attended by broader levels of the population lately. But still most users are under 30. Is that the same thing over at the U.S. or do you have more „moms“ and „dads“ on facebook?

I’d say there are a variety of age groups that use it… all for different reasons. You have college students and professionals.

I’ve seen bands who post updates about their tours, show off their new work and just talk about their day. I’ve seen politicians promote their campaigns and I’ve seen people promote their businesses and their work.

Final question: What do you think of advertising and PR on Social Web Services? Do you follow any companies on facebook or did you see any campaigns in the past months?

I think PR on these types of sites is a great idea. Not so fun when you’re the victim of ill-placed ads, but great if you want to promote yourself or your campaigns. I follow mostly design companies/blogs, music bands, and news sites on Facebook. It’s a great way to keep updated on the things you’re interested in.

Thank you very much for the insights into the American way of using the internet! Take care, Vikki!

Thanks for having me!

Falk Ebert

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